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My name is Clayton Chrusch, and I am the author of this site. I am a recent graduate (June 2005) from McMaster University with a BSc in Computer Science. I also hold a BA (2001) and a MA (2002) in English Literature. I’m seeking employment for October 2005 and beyond. As part of my job search, I’m appealing to people who have visited this website and hopefully come to appreciate the skill and dedication I have brought to it.

This summer I have been hired by McMaster to perform web development and system adminstration tasks for Sharcnet (www.sharcnet.ca), a research and high performance computing organization that serves Southern Ontario universities. In October, my husband and I plan to relocate to Hilo, Hawaii. I am seeking work in Hilo, but am also willing to commute to Honolulu, or telecommute anywhere in the world.

I will consider any interesting work that makes use of my technical skills. I am particularly interested in system administration, web development, software development, and database management.

If you know of an opportunity, please contact me at clayton at marriagevote.ca.