Like Most Head Over Heels By Dune Alisha Cross Strap Pewter Heeled Shoes - C/N.P.I-77 - Women - CS39 Sale Shoes

Like Most Head Over Heels By Dune Alisha Cross Strap Pewter Heeled Shoes - C/N.P.I-77 - Women - CS39 Sale Shoes

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Add to Cart: | Head Over Heels By Dune Alisha Cross Strap Pewter Heeled Shoes Color: Pewter Products_ID: Shoes-6878782 Brand: Head Over Heels Categories: SALE SHOES Gender: WOMEN Product DetailsShoes by Head Over Heels by DuneFaux-leather upperBack-zip openingCross-over front detailRounded toePointed heelClean with damp sponge100% Textile UpperHeel height: 8cm/3.5"

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20 years old is a good time to wear shoes, this time the style of dress is also like this time youth, even if the exaggerated even cheap, but because there is invincible youth, so the most pressing. For the early 20'sLike Most Head Over Heels By Dune Alisha Cross Strap Pewter Heeled Shoes - C/N.P.I-77 - Women - CS39 Sale Shoes sister, pointed high heels are also slightly away from them, for them the most comfortable is the most commonly used, it is likely that such a pair of simple white shoes. White shoes, although simple, but- withHeels a very wild, plain can take, brightStrap shirt with white half skirt can take, long and short pants can take Brand, then the classic paragraph Converse or back to power are OK. A lotWomens of new, the price is very reasonable, white shoes after washing to put a layer of toilet paper on the surface and so dry, so you can be more clean. Some European people are born blackC/N.P.I-77 hair, if the hair is longer and loose, coupled- with white shoes, easy to have a heavy foot feeling, so pleaseShoes adjust the upper body and lower body color (lower body plus some dark, or simply use white) to avoid this a little. Fine high with two pairs of black pair of nude color pair Whether you are in the student age is how much love white shoes, wait until the work, and high heels have become your mature fine line of compulsory courses. I think for the general public, do not need to know too many types of high heels. I recommend the basic models of high heels is no waterproof platform, and then with the height of his height and can control the height of high heels selected. Among them, the tip of the best, butMost if the foot is large or feet wide, round head can also be. Among them, I recommend this metal heel style, because from the practical point of view, heel skin style is very beautiful, but the

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heel is easy to damage, for example, one foot on which cracks pulled out,Alisha or Where is the knock with the mix, the accident only need to happen once will cause the heel is very ugly damage. Metal to avoid this,Cross I personally buy the metal with the shoes basically wear a year surface only a few Road shallow scratches. On the thickness with: metal with the general will be more stable, but if the larger, it is best to use rough with, or look like shoes and the body is not proportional to the larger. Color I recommend black and nude color,Head because of its wild. On the other hand, the black itself is naturally suitable for work occasions, even for casual occasions, due to bring their own black color (hair), black with the degree is very high. Whether it is pants or skirt, high-heeled eleganceLike can be easily added for the whole package with the degree of sophistication. The right side of the shoes are brown, this is because the model hair is partial brown, here turned into black as well, but slightly monotonous. Black pants must be the most basic, so shoes pants with the color was long legs, making black more necessary. Relative to the above more lively and leisure style of the skirt, even if

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the right side of this figure like a strong gas field style, black high heel can also be easily managed. If you want to say that the above is too fine with the mix, then look at these two bars You will be surprised to find that, although the two with their own can notWomen say how good, but because of a pair of pointedSale high heelsOver to increase the sense of exquisite, the overall feeling and those who relax the whole body in the end of the house woman van pull the gap. So that a little sense of sophistication, you can make your whole package with- the upgrade level. Finished black, sayDune nude color, for the skin color ofBy the deeper people, thePewter more recommended partial powder nude color, for the skin more white people, it is recommended close to their skin color yellow nude color. These two options will make shoes andCS39 their own skin color transition more smoothly, and therefore will maximize the extension of leg lines. Kate Princess, such as the health of the skin to choose closer to their skin color nude color. Dark skin dressed in yellow (underHeeled the pair of nakedShoes color slope with the color) will appear dirty. Because the role of nude color high heels just as the extension of the legs, so theoretically speaking, almost no can not match the clothing, so if you hesitate a set with what in the end to wear shoes, nude color high-heel must be for you! Although not necessarily the best, but must not violate, rush out of the time, put it you will not go wrong!

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